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Your teeth straightening treatment is tailored, and our expert orthodontists track your progress at the convenience of your home.

Our Teeth Straightening treatment includes a series of removable and clear aligners that you are bound to change every 14 days. Each aligner is individually custom-made for your teeth. Each tailor-made clear aligner is designed to move and retain your teeth – week by week, little by little – until they have reached the final position as shown to you before starting the treatment.

The Glimmer Dental teeth-straightening aligners are sent to you directly at your home. Thus, we save your money and time from those hefty appointments and chair time at the dentist/orthodontist.
This is all achieved through our diligent process and solution.

Every smile is Unique & Every Treatment Plan Too!

We optimize your teeth straightening journey around the biological parameters and according to the response of your smile. Instead of moving your teeth according to a pre-determined timeline as some other aligner brands do, our method involves producing the number of aligners that are right for you and embracing a treatment length that will achieve your individually best and safest teeth straightening results.

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Here’s how it all works:


1. Your individually tailored treatment plan

Begin your teeth alignment journey with a dental impression at your home by using our DIY impression Kit and sending us your teeth impression. We develop a 3D image of your teeth that helps us see what’s going on and decide your treatment plan. The kit will be shipped directly to you. You can take an impression within a few minutes by following the instructions provided.


2. Your 3D treatment plan

We will send you a preview of your smile transformation which will give you the visualization of your treatment plan. Once your approval for the personalized treatment plan as been received, we will manufacture your Glimmer clear aligners and ship them to you all at once, so no monthly in-person appointments. You can have 24/7 access and regular virtual smile check-ins with our team of orthodontic experts, all with the oversight of your prescribing orthodontist. You’ll start noticing results in as little as 50-60 days.


3. Aligners at your doorstep

You’ll have your aligners straight at your doorstep, all in one small box. Wear your new smile with confidence.
After completing your treatment, a set of retainers can keep your teeth from slipping back to their asymmetrical ways. You have to wear those clear retainers for 6 months; it’s that easy.

Glimmer Dental promises you straightened teeth and an even smile that will make a world of difference to your self-esteem. With straight teeth, you’ll smile more and leave a positive and stronger impression on every single person you meet.

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