Glimmer Dental is an Australian-owned company. We have been caring for customers around the globe since 2018.

Our team consists of technicians experienced in the Clear Aligner manufacture who work under the supervision and guidance of our panel or Orthodontists of is experienced in the clear aligner Therapy for 20 years. We help you straighten those misaligned or crooked teeth in a short time.

At Glimmer Dental, we feel an enormous sense of gratification when our happy clients return to us with their beaming smiles to tell us how their lives have changed dramatically after better teeth straightening treatment.
That’s the reason why getting your teeth straightened is such a life-changing investment. The sooner you do it, the more confident you’ll feel.

Flash a dazzling smile with straight teeth to look attractive and confident. We offer treatments planned by our Orthodontists for teens and adults throughout world. The treatments we offer are more discreet and work to straighten your misaligned, crooked and overly spaced teeth.


Many adults who have lived with twisted, misaligned teeth all their lives wonder if their teeth can get straightened up with orthodontic treatment. The fact is, clear aligners not only straighten teeth but also help with other problems;

1. Space out those impacted teeth:

If your teeth are overlapping or crowded, it can look unpleasant, but it can also signify that cleaning between your teeth becomes a challenging task, and this can eventually cause decay and cavities; you can overcome this with teeth straightening.

2. Enjoy a better bite:

Some patients experience a bad bite. This could be a crossbite, an underbite, or an overbite. All can cause problems with eating and making your jaws exhausted, which eventually can lead to tooth loss. With Glimmer Dental, you can straighten your teeth to resolve those bite problems.

3. Avoid gum disease and tooth decay

If your teeth are overlapped or twisted, you can’t clean them properly. Bacteria can gather in crevices, which can cause gum disease and tooth decay. Teeth straightening with Glimmer aligners can space out those misaligned teeth so you can brush easily and floss, and thus you can improve your oral health with teeth straightening treatment.

4. Remove unwanted gaps

If you are dissatisfied with your teeth, you don’t like smiling, which can affect your confidence and your bonding with others. Straight teeth can improve your self-esteem and give you a fantastic smile.

5. Reducing the possibility of TMJ Disorder
The temporomandibular joint is another flexible joint that allows jaw movement for speaking and chewing. Misaligned teeth can cause pressure on joints which can take you to TMJ disorder resulting in pain in the mouth, face, neck, head, lockjaw, and even shoulder. Clear aligners can work to realign your teeth to reduce the possibility of developing TMJ.


We get straight to the point when it is about your smile results. We have a streamlined remote orthodontic model to provide you with guaranteed results from the comfort of your home. As an alternative to the in-clinic teeth straightening approach, offering multiple benefits, you can leverage the following perks with us:

1. Comfortability: our innovative and exclusive designs make our clear aligners feel and look better than braces.
2. Accuracy: our BPA-Free invisible aligners are more compact than any other products available in the market. We offer the most effective and easily adaptable teeth straightening treatment plan.
3. Affordable Multiple payment methods
We offer our clients various payment methods to get the bang for the buck with more control over their expenses. You deserve to smile just like others.

4. High-quality services
Our invisible retainers/aligners are made up of FDA-approved and medical-grade BPA-free plastic material.

5. Quick serves & fast results

Our team consists of expert orthodontists who use the advanced technology of clear aligners to serve you in the best possible way. We have a crystal-clear working process to develop trust with our customers, and there is no time wastage in the whole process.

We’ll immediately start our work after getting your teeth impression.

6. Super-efficient support team

Glimmer dental provides you with the super-efficient support. If you experience any problem, we’re just a call away to give you live help with any part of the process.

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